Count Nouns and NonCount Nouns


At this time I will continuing a previous article that tells about Nouns. As we know, common nouns has two types, that are:


Count Noun

Count noun is a noun that can be counted. Usually the patterns of count noun is:

(A/one/two/some/a lot of, etc) + Noun

Count noun divided into two types, that are:

1). Singular

(A/an/one) + noun

Example :

  • A book

  • One pen

  • An orange

2). Plural

(Some/a lot of/three, etc) + noun + -s

Example :

  • Three bags

  • Some letters

  • A lot of rulers

Noncount Nouns

Noncount noun is a noun that can’t be counted. In a noncount noun does not have a plural form.

Example :

  • Some mail

  • A lot of money

  • A cup of coffee

Commonly noncount nouns:

  • Advice

  • Furniture

  • Help

  • Homework

  • Information

  • Jewelry

  • luck

  • Mail

  • Money

  • Music

  • Traffic

  • Vocabulary

  • Weather

  • Work

Material by : Mrs. Parawati Siti Sondari, M.Pd.

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That’s all discussion about count nouns and noncount nouns. Thank’s for visiting. Don’t forget to share and comment this article. See you at next article.


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